Most of the information below is outdated. New version of the website is coming soon!



  • Code and style website's layout using HTML, CSS3 and/or Sass
  • Add simple interactivity to the website using native Javascript (ES6)
  • Code nice and responsive website layout using Bootstrap
  • Create advanced apps using jQuery & jQuery UI
  • Make asynchronous http requests using AJAX together with jQuery
  • Create a Wordpress website and optimize its look and/or functionality exactly according to client's ideas
  • Take care of a basic SEO for a website

Goals to achieve in upcoming few weeks/months

  • Get better in React.js to be able to create nice and modern UIs
  • Learn Gulp or Grunt for an easier development process
  • Get better in LESS preprocessor for an easier CSS styling


  • Take care of website's basic back-end functionality using PHP
  • Manage MySQL databases using SQL language
  • Create an additional PHP scripts for Wordpress website or properly implement existing ones
  • Work with a server config files like .htaccess and/or php.ini
  • Work with REST APIs and json/XML files
  • Use Git for a better collaboration on a project with others

Goals to achieve in upcoming few weeks/months

  • Repeat some native PHP stuff
  • Learn Laravel and significantly improve my back-end scripting skills
  • Get better in Node.js scripting
  • Get more familiar with PostgreSQL
  • Get better in Express.js for creating own APIs


  • Good procedural & OOP understanding
  • Basic Android development skills using Java
  • Ability to make a simple C, C# app
  • Basic Linux administration & networking
  • Basic PLC programming using TiaPortal & STEP 7 software
  • Good knowledge of computer networking and how an internet works
  • Good knowledge of computer hardware
  • Good Google user ;-)

Goals to achieve in upcoming few weeks/months

  • Get back to developing an Android apps and learn some new stuff
  • Discover more npm packages 50%
  • Significantly improve my terminal scripting skills
  • Try out Kali Linux and its interesting features
  • Get RaspberryPi to get better in ssh

I prefer

  • Windows/Linux OS (Mac is not a problem at all though)
  • VS Code or Atom text editor for coding (when I lose my nerves with these I roll back to notepad++)
  • Chrome Dev Tools for console, network, etc.
  • XAMPP/LAMPP local server for server-side scripting
  • SQLYog or phpMyAdmin for managing DBs and writing SQL queries


Projects I've done so far for a various clients


    Renovation of a corporate website for a Dutch company based in 4 countries providing high quality telephone market research. Renovation included translating whole website to 3 other languages in collaboration with other company members, new website design, new functionality (e.g. new contact forms), increasing website's loading speed, many design fixes like fixing responsiveness for other devices and much more


    Renovation of gdcc's recruiting website which included translation to 1 other language, a new landing page, new applying contact forms together with inherited overall design from their corporate website and much more


    Bussiness website for a successful Slovak stonemasonry. Designed overall look and implemented all functionality as desired by a client


    Bussiness website for a company providing high quality security solutions


    Simple static website for a busy computer service company created during my short time internship. In addition to this project, I've been also attending and helping them with an installation of a security cameras for a Slovak village - Hubosovce

Other projects

    Notes App

    Notes. - Very simple notes app build using ReactJS letting users write down anything. Try it out here.

    • App manages notes in a similar way as a Google Keep app, where it creates a single block for each note.
    • Includes user friendly settings section for adjusting font size, notes color and such.

I'm currently working on

    Simple Recorder App

    Simple Recorder (temporarily aborted) - simple app with a nice UI built with jQuery and PHP is meant to help programmers to keep an eye on changes in project they are working on in a way of taking little notes about their progress. By the end of the day they can easily see a summary of what they've done. Appearing soon on my Github.

    • App lets you write down, edit and delete simple notes about changes you've just made and includes a time and date of posting
    • You can view a list of all created records sorted by a day when you've made them
    • Ability to switch to a night mode for a darker colors while working at night